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Юрий Низовцев - The person in the attractive field of power

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Юрий Низовцев - The person in the attractive field of power

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    The person in the attractive field of power
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    Литагент (искл)
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Юрий Низовцев - The person in the attractive field of power краткое содержание

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What does with the person the power and what are the fruits of efforts of the person in power? Who actually uncompromisingly counteracts the authorities and whether a complete victory of one of the parties is possible? What is the primary source of the development of society? Is not it curious to take a look at all this from the highest bell tower, if thou is not too lazy to climb up on it!?

The person in the attractive field of power - читать онлайн бесплатно ознакомительный отрывок

The person in the attractive field of power - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно (ознакомительный отрывок), автор Юрий Низовцев

The person in the attractive field of power

("Makers" of history)

– Monster! – asked the little girl in a dream. "When will thou love all of us?"

The monster was surprised, but answered:

– Never! – and clarified: – Neither you nor me will not, if i fall in love you.


The popular masses in the state always allocate from themselves the elite (the intellectual-governing part, on the quality of which both the existence of the state and its development depends). The quality of the elite is determined mainly not by any external influences, but by the level of own collective self-consciousness, which in turn depends on the level of self-consciousness of each individual entering into the elite, accumulated in the course of the country's historical development.

In particular, the low level of self-awareness of the elite, expressed in its excessive conservatism and autarky, inhibits both the public and technological development of the state. Besides, this conservatism puts this state in the subordinated position in the relation of other states owing to the accumulated backwardness sooner or later and does the elite by the comprador concerning the states which were more advanced in the cultural and technological relation.

In principle, the imperious structures cannot have individuals with the highest possible level of self-awareness (the highest consciousness), i.e. the high-moral, conscientious, with high culture, humane and altruistic inasmuch the pragmatism promoting successful actions of the imperious structures for own preservation, and the concomitant deception of the masses, as a rule, consisting in a promise of the onset of the near prosperity, rejects the high level of self-consciousness of all representatives of the imperious structures, promoting negative selection of representatives of power or rapid decrease in this level to hypocritical and unscrupulous mediocrity, without denying maintaining sharpness of mind and other intellectual abilities, , which already go not for the benefit of the people, and, as a rule, for preservation of power, privileges, got property, and only forcedly – for development of the country, in order to avoid its disintegration and accession to stronger neighbors, that, as a rule, leads to loss of power.

Therefore, the most states aspire to alliances, in order to consolidate themselves in the blocs and to acquire the technological and cultural achievements of the allies, that in the modern world seems by a aspiration for globalization, but in fact – it is a aspiration to preserve own power through some relatively minor concessions, into which the depraved elite includes also sovereignty of the state. In other words, those who seized the power, never voluntarily will concede it, and change of rulers in the democratic countries as a result of elections is just a decoration of the preservation of the power of the same elite.

As a result, centripetal forces never defeat centrifugal, but always compete with them owing to what any secret or explicit world government, that controls everything and everyone, is impossible, inasmuch it is impossible to exterminate egoism and property of individuals or separate groups of persons within a civilization.

Naturally, attempts to create this government steadily fails, but at the same time – they force instability and produce local wars for the power over the world which is coming down in essence to taking by its resources by separate groups, creating for them illusion of the power over the peoples.

Any power for each individual is always a short-term mirage, quickly disappearing owing to continually arising contradictions in society advancing its development, which have no deed to individuals and even to entire elites.

Therefore, in order to retain the power, it is necessary to guess the trends in the development of these contradictions, which is almost impossible, since they lurk in the depths of civilizational development, presenting on the outside a distorted picture of the true state of affairs. Confirmation of this circumstance are the final failures of ingenious Napoleon, who was trying to unite Europe under own power; Lenin, who was trying to implement Marx's hypothesis, which has been consisted in the programmed substitution of social formations through the transformation of the economic structure by means of the class struggle of the oppressed with the oppressors; Stalin, whose state-communist project fails through relatively a short time after his death; Churchill, who, in spite of all his efforts, ruined the British Empire; leaders of the United States: they are now in perplexity in front of the collapse, impending on them which was connected with the end of an era of consumption.

In general, the course of social development in the hidden play of various contradictory forces did not manage to guess either by the Romanovs in Russia, or by the elite group of the main state of the world of the Middle Ages – Spain, who has been replaced by the British elite, but which was It is forced to give up its leading position in the world for its former colony – the US, becoming only the accompanying partner of the Americans. In turn, and the United States is currently rapidly losing the prospect of development due to a number of accumulated contradictions, in particular, between financial and national-industrial capital, the collapse of the consumer market, increasing national strife, the growing opposition of those countries of the world, in which the national consciousness is still preserved, offended by the Americans' disdain for their interests and cultural characteristics, but which have already accumulated enough force to counteract the United States and the international monopolies affiliated with them.

In fact, the course of history, more precisely, the development of a civilization is due to the growth of the volume of information flows consumed by mankind, which is an inevitable consequence of the conscious activity of a man, which captures ever larger spaces, provided, of course, that the own time of mankind is nothing more than an information process [1, Ch. 2, 3, 10].

The level of self-awareness of the masses, mainly concerned with the struggle for survival, rather than cultural and intellectual development is woefully low, inasmuch they are mired in poverty as well as in the dullness of mass culture, excluding their scanty educated and cultured stratum; however, the level of self-consciousness of the managerial stratum of states is also low, and the main cause of this is negative selection of the leading managers.

These factors do not allow to make the process of historical development manageable by somebody, although locally – for individual states – it can be accelerated or decelerated as a result of the actions of individuals, affecting also neighboring countries.

The example of similar braking is the communistic experiment done by Lenin, and then – by Stalin with Russia which has discarded it both on the number of population, and on economic power to ranks of the third countries of the world, but, nevertheless, improved the position of the oppressed masses in many countries of the world, inasmuch the ruling elites of the developed countries, in fear of the ongoing social cataclysms, had taken into account the inadequacy of interaction with the working masses, having improved the financial situation of working people and provided of them additional civil liberties.

The example of acceleration of development are the actions in China Deng of Xiaoping on a successful combination of state and market economy at the tough centralized guide that has liberated the population from following the orthodox communistic and Old Testament ideas, that gave a benefit to all layers of the Chinese population. The enthusiasm of the population which appeared as a result, rather quickly brought China out of century backwardness in the first row of developed countries of the world.

However, no one from other countries of the former socialist camp adopted this experience of China, apparently, for the reason that the ruling elites of these countries was more interested in own enrichment and accession to elite of developed countries of the world, than in development of the country, whereas the Chinese elite by results of unsuccessful experiments of Mao-Zedong, could not neglect the interests of its numerous population, and quite successfully combined the centralized management with the group and proprietary interests of masses, having made the country by the economic leader of the world.

1. What is hidden behind the shell of power.

Any person aspiring into the power, falls practically to the autonomous bureaucratic-corporate structure limited and anxious with own interests which are mostly contradicting interests and needs of masses.

On the one hand, having the power, a person gains the ability to dispose by people, the available material and financial resources, to snatch the corruption component provided to him and to live for their own pleasure, and in the autocratic state also not to be responsible for the acts before the people, pleasing the higher officials, and at the same time deceiving both masses, and own superiors.

It is clear, that so immoral field of actions cannot but be rejected by individuals with the high level of self-consciousness which assumes also high degree of self-respect, impossible in the corrupt elite. Exactly this factor clarifies the slow – with zigzags and deviations – deployment of civilization.

The main reason for similar braking, kickbacks, often senseless conflicts is incompetence and self-interest of the persons making the final decision, having been passed the negative selection into the management structures, and therefore not able to catch the true trends of development, which are being covered with their own, as a rule, selfish interests. Their stupidity, self-conceit and selfishness, despite the presence of numerous high-caliber consultants offering sometimes adequate solutions, prevail, that happened often even with Napoleon.

On the other hand, those in power, especially in states with an authoritarian regime, are afraid to lose it, since with the loss of power they will be deprived of their privileges, opportunity to rob their fellow-countrymen with impunity and commit lawless acts. The very possibility of this loss and fear of punishment torments them continuously.

Enjoying the humiliation of the lower ones, any representative of the authorities is always helpless and humiliated by a higher bureaucrat, especially since, as a rule, insufficient competence compels him to grovel before the higher ones.

Forced hypocrisy, fear of losing status, coercion to corporate corruption, over time, inevitably dehumanize any individual in power.

A person in power not only loses rest, but also becomes the center of the disintegration of his loved ones, giving them, without any labor on their part, many opportunities beyond the reach of ordinary people. In addition, numerous officials deprive of social lifts of all other citizens, filling existing vacancies with their relatives and friends, lowering thereby the intellectual level of the governing elite, that promotes degradation of all control system.

Nevertheless, the power steadily attracts to itself the vast majority of people as the level of development of their consciousness not so is high that assumes a desire prevalence without the special efforts "to get out the people", to become above mass, without having the special abilities, but, to bow one more time to superiors, to please and to flatter it, is not considered by seditious among the people, as a rule.

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